Physician Team

Bruno Josef Frentz, M.D.

frentzMedical Spedialist for Radiology, Specializing in Diagnostic Radiology 

Born 1959, lives with his wife and two children in Cologne.





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Bernd-Thorsten Freter, M.D.

freterMedical Specialist for Radiology, Nuclear Medicine with focus on Thyroid Diagnostics and Therapy; Cardiology, Neurology, and Urology 

Born 1964, lives in Cologne



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Elisabeth Waltermann, M.D.

Dr-med-Elisabeth-Waltermann-586Medical Specialist for Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Data Protection Commissioner for NURAMED 

Born 1960, lives with her husband and daughter in Cologne 






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Christina Herhaus, M.D.

herhausMedical Specialist for Diagnostic Radiology

Born 1964





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