Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 3.0 Tesla



The first 3 Tesla MRI currently at the private practitioners practice of the KLINIK am RING in Cologne, offers our patients now a significantly higher diagnostic quality with excellent image sharpness and excellent patient comfort (larger opening than a conventional magnetic devices). It sets new standards in outpatient diagnostic radiology.


New standards in diagnostic radiology in Cologne:

The advancement of technology - even in the medical field - advances and we advance right along. The group practice NURAMED has a new MRI scanner installed at the MRI department of their city location of the KLINIK am RING.

This new MRI represents the latest technology in diagnostic radiology. Our practice has opted for a unit of Siemens, the MAGNETOM VERIO. It is characterized by a particularly strong magnet (3 Tesla), with a significantly larger width - 70 cm in diameter, and a shorter build of 173 cm in length. In addition, this MRI system has a very efficient recording and data processing technology. To sum up, the 3 Tesla MRI has excellent image clarity, superior diagnostic quality while maximizing patient comfort.



The particular design is well suited for patients with fear of narrowness "(Claustrophobia) and also patients with a larger body build.  The new techniques allow for example special forms of diagnosis in the brain, but also improve the display options for special orthopedic questions, which for us at the KLINIK am RING with a large operative orthopedic practice is of particular importance.

The arrival of 3 Tesla:

The installation of such a device, in addition to the proven MAGNETOM SYMPHONIE QUANTUM, requires, of course, specific structural changes, the implementation of which we started in December 2011.

At this point, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all patients, colleagues, and staff at the KLINIK am RING for their patience and willingness to stoically endure the inconveniences resulting from the installation.  

The introduction of the new MRI in our department in the KLINIK am RING on January 21, 2012, was associated with a considerable effort. A large crane was required for lifting the device into the building. A team of experts from Siemens, the air conditioning team, the manufacturer of the necessary screening, the drywall and electrical engineering team supervised this endeavor.

We are pleased to continuously offer our patients the best technical conditions in diagnostics.

"Before the therapy, God created the diagnosis" says an often quoted witticisms.